How To make It Through The Holidays

After A Loss


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[First call was December 20, 2009]



The holidays can be difficult in the best of times.  The additional sadness and anxiety we might be feeling after a loss can make December, and January, and February/Valentine's Day seem overwhelming and unbearable.

The loss can be anything - a special person, pet, health, job, financial security, home.  All that matters is that it is a significiant loss for us.  (Loss is VERY individual.) 

The brain reacts to loss.  Some brains react less, some more.  While we cannot "un-lose" what we've lost, we can use the information we now have about the brain and about Holiday Blues to help us better cope with the next three months.

My 60-minute teleseminar builds on my chapter, "Our Brain When We Grieve," and gives additional information and techniques specific to the holiday season.

Just as I do in my chapter, I explain what is happening in the brain - and why - and what it means to us.  Then, I give ways to use the brain to feel better and to hasten the healing.

The downloadable recording that you will receive contains not only my presentation but excellent questions from callers.  You'll be able to listen to it all at your convenience, re-listen, or skip ahead at will. 

You'll also be receiving the Tip Card PDF that you can print out and carry with you, or put on your bedside table.  The more often you remind yourself of the Tips, the more the information will become imprinted into your brain cells (actually imprinted!) until the new feelings and behaviors are almost automatic.

The Tip Card contains three major categories with bullet reminders that are scientifically and experientially proven.  It also includes lots of additional resources that were mentioned in the call.

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