The most exciting discovery from all the latest breakthrough research into the brain is this:  



We can change our brains. 

We can change how we think, feel, and behave…

… by changing just one neuron (brain cell).


If you are grieving a loss, are facing a career or life change of your choosing or that has been thrust upon you, or have survived a trauma or abuse, my coaching that combines the science of the brain with simple techniques can help you change that one neuron, and change your life.


Imagine that you’re standing at a fork in the road.  In the past, you have always taken the left path. 

You think - you might even know - there are wonderful things down the other path. 

But each time you even think about choosing that other path, let alone actually head down it, you start to have feelings of discomfort - fear - frustration - distress. 

Well, those sensations are because ANY new thought, feeling, or behavior occurs by a new connection being created between our neurons.  That new connection being created is felt - as a sensation.

Some people enjoy, even crave, those sensations… and find change exciting.  Other don’t and the sensations stop them from taking that new path.

Understanding the brain makes it so simple to move through those feelings, to take that other path, to change our life.

It might not always be Easy, but it is incredibly wonderfully Simple - and it does become Easier and Easier (that’s neuroplasticity!)…

… by changing just one neuron.





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