Our brains commonly find it very difficult to alter our thinking or behavior, even when we desperately want to achieve an objective.

Whether we are choosing to change, or it is thrust upon us, all change happens by our brain cells (neurons) creating new connections to other neurons. Scientists call this “neuroplasticity”.  The physical sensation of the new connection can be felt as frustration, anxiety, distress.  If we understand that this is a natural, neurobiological process, we can stick with it long enough for the new connection to be strengthened and the behavior or task will begin to feel completely normal and familiar.

It’s just like when we get a new cell phone. It can be frustrating, annoying, upsetting as we try to get used to all the different features.

Because we need to learn it in order to use it, we keep trying.

Bit by bit, it becomes familiar to us, and soon we don’t even have to think about which buttons to push.  It is no longer frustrating, annoying, or upsetting.

This is the same, exact neural process required for changing anything in life.

Some people truly enjoy the experience of change, but if you are finding it difficult, I can help you work with instead of against your brain.

Whether you are analytical / technical or creative / emotive, my coaching that combines the latest discoveries about the brain with the simple but profound tools of Martha Beck, neuroscientists, philosophers, researchers, and others, can help in a real nuts-and-bolts way in many areas such as:

Discovering and Fulfilling Your Purpose/Passion in Life

The Impostor Syndrome
(feeling like we’re a fraud or that our success has been just dumb luck)

Becoming More Organized in Life and Work

Improving Memory and Working Memory

Ridding Ourselves of Unproductive Habits

Minimizing Anxiety, Anger, Unhealthy Stress

Emotional Roller-Coaster Reaction to New Job

Resistance to Change

Fear of Public Speaking

Improving Health and Weight



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