My coaching applies the latest information coming from the world of brain research to the work and personal life of individuals and to the corporate world and small businesses.  This information is being used more and more by everyone from analytical / technical to creative / emotive, for functional purposes like changing thinking patterns, feelings, and behaviors. 

A voice coach helps people to develop their singing or speaking talents, a football coach helps sports players achieve success.  Every serious athlete, even Tiger Woods, has a coach.  More and more, individuals are discovering not just how much further in life they can get by using a Life Coach, but how much more they can enjoy the journey.

Dr. Martha Beck once described her mission in life:  “… to help people bridge the gaps that separate them from their true selves … and from their destiny.”   I help my clients bridge those gaps and:

  • identify their goals and dreams
  • create a safe environment in which to dissolve the barriers to those goals and dreams
  • achieve all that and more

My one-on-one coaching and presentations/workshops are not fixed, out-of-the-box, rigid packages that I try to fit my clients into, because no two of my clients are the same.  The needs of each client and group are addressed individually, according to their situation, their goals.  The sessions, worksheets and materials, tools and techniques are created specifically for each person’s personality, style, and vision.

One of my passions and greatest skill is the love of research.  I do much research between our sessions and for my presentations because I believe it is most productive to attack issues from many directions, to have as much information and as many resources available as possible.  By making as many new connections as possible, we can often tap into a whole circuit of neurons that contains a ‘mother-lode’ of information, knowledge, and dreams. 

During a complementary session, by phone or in person, we discuss my coaching approach and your needs.  If we decide that it is a good fit, I’ll give you a short writing exercise to complete before the first session which will help clarify the goals and the focus of the sessions. 

Presentations / workshops / seminars

  • Presentation with PowerPoint slides / videos / animations
    • Sixty minute with Q&A
    • Ninety minute presentations with Q&A and discussions
    • Two-hour presentations with Q&A and discussions

  • Workshops and seminars
    • Half day
    • Full day
    • Series of several days

Individual Coaching

  • In person (if local)
  • By phone
  • Via the computer:
    • Audio Skype
    • Video Skype
  • Email follow-up



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