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Full day event / Half day event

Five two-hour classes / Ten one-hour classes

Individualized to fit client's needs


... does our brain react
... does the brain create such reactions
... can we do about it



The beauty of these presentations and workshops:

just the knowledge alone can help not only to soften our distress
but also help us understand and deal more effectively with others.

The addition of the many techniques adds significantly to regulating our
emotions and reactions as well as our relationships with others.




Our Brain and Change


Any change that is causing upset or distress:

  • even anticipated change
  • even barely possible change



Our Brain When We Grieve


Grief, whether it is caused by the death of a loved one, divorce, loss of a job / home / beloved pet, is experienced by our brain and felt in our bodies.  Discover what is happening in the brain which impacts so greatly our mental, emotional, and physical responses to loss and what we can do ourselves to help soften our pain.  




Our Brain and Stage Fright



Our Brain and Memory


Learning / Memorizing anything (music, etc.)









  This image reflects my coaching style and my writings:


  ... the miracle of metamorphosis [shed the old emotions]


  ... the miracle of neuroplasticity  [the brain CAN change].


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