Our Brain When We GrieveŠ

Why Loss Hurts So Much… and What We Can Do About It

By Polly O’Connor   

as included in the book,

Changes of The Heart:   

Martha Beck Life Coaches Share Strategies
for Life Challenges




I've been asked by my readers to create a downloadable PDF of my chapter.  Some of the reasons you gave:

  • Printing onto paper makes it easier to highlight and make notations as you read

  • If you print on both sides of the paper, you'll only need to carry sixteen sheets of paper:  lighten your load at the same time, save paper, and help the environment 
  • There are some applications that enable downloading of PDFs onto iPhones and Blackberrys, avoiding the use of paper altogether

I hope you enjoy this PDF version.  

Yes, I want to buy the e-chapter,

"Our Brain When We Grieve":



Get the best of both worlds!!  Buy both the e-chapter and the book!

Yes, I also want to buy the full book,

"Change of  The Heart: 

Martha Beck Life Coaches Share Strategies for Life Challenges"


Thank you!


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