NEW Teleseminar

Our Brain When It's Anxious About Something Serious...


... that is currently happening

... that is definitely going to happen

... that just might possibly happen


Date to be announced

11am PST / noon MST / 1pm CST / 2pm EST



Are you:

  • experiencing anxiety and apprehension about losing loved ones

  • being confronted for the first time with the reality that serious loss happens

  • facing your own serious crisis (health, marital, career)

  • feeling anxious about feeling anxious ("anticipatory anxiety")


This teleseminar will be 90 minutes long so there will be lots of time for discussions, comments, and questions.  We will cover what is happening in the brain during the above situations, and I will provide tools and techniques for helping our brain cope. 

You'll learn rational 'left-hemisphere' and creative 'right-hemisphere' things to do that can give our brain a semblance of control at a time when we cannot control the outcome. 

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Additional Info

If you have any questions about the call or if you would like a particular issue addressed in it, please email me: 

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Sign up today!  For only $45, you will:

  1. Take part in the 90-minute live teleseminar
  2. Receive the downloadable Recording of the call
  3. Receive the downloadable Tip Card




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