Polly O'Connor is a kind, wise, very talented life coach.  She's not only smart and capable, but has the depth that comes only with living through difficult circumstances. Polly's coaching is particularly useful for people with a history of childhood trauma, loss of a loved one, and other deep, soulful issues.  Where a therapist may focus on the past to heal such wounds, Polly is trained to move you forward into the future once the healing has begun.  If you feel you've resolved a painful past and are ready to move into the destiny that is waiting for you, Polly will make a wonderful, understanding, practical coach for you.
Martha Beck, Ph.D.

Polly's practical approach to life coaching was especially helpful to me. As a professional writer, I often had difficulty selecting the right publication for my work.  Polly helped me focus on my goals and that clarified my decision making process.  With her guidance, I created a publishing plan I now easily maintain.  Polly's gentle, empathetic manner has helped me grow in self-confidence.  Thanks to her life coaching, I am now on my way to achieving my dreams.
D.H., New Jersey

I have known Polly O'Connor for nearly a decade. She is a wise and astute listener, with a remarkable sense of organization and resourcing. Her insights into the joys and challenges of life, love, and work empower her to encourage others in their pursuit of wholeness and fulfillment. Her tact and discretion make her the sort of person I trust fully with the complexities of my journey. As a coach she elicits the best which is within us.
W.A.D., OH

I've just had a wonderful Christmas, thanks to Polly.  Family issues have made so many holidays ugly, and -- through emails and phone calls -- Polly coached me not only on why they bothered me so much, but on how to sit serenely in the middle of the chaos and not be disturbed by it.  Her tips worked!   Now, on to issues with the guys down the hall. 
M.M., New York

My weight has been a constant source of anxiety and shame and distress for decades.  Polly showed me how my brain has been taking me down the wrong path and made it so simple for me that, if I wasn't losing weight, it would be impossible to believe.  Thank God I found her. 
T.M.H., Florida

Working with Polly has provided me with valuable insight to heal from a traumatic injury that has been life changing.  I have had to alter my lifestyle and learn new coping skills to maintain balance in my life. Her compassion and gentle spirit exudes warmth and peace.  Without Polly’s coaching I’m not sure what my personal outcome might have been…   She is bright, attentive and responsive. I look forward to continuing my healing sessions with her.  
T.A., CT.

I was feeling more and more overwhelmed and, working with Polly, learned how to recognize why and then how to comfort and nurture myself and how to say “no”.  My relationship with my self and with my husband is much better, and I was finally able to make some major decisions. Her humour, caring and insight made me feel comfortable and safe.  Her coaching has been a gift and has given me hope. 
L.D., Mass.

What Polly is giving me is peace of mind.  All those things I “should be doing” she’s helping me get through at a reasonable pace, and I no longer feel that constant panic in the background of my life.  One example: my “White Binder” that holds my important papers, copy of my will, final instructions, insurance information, etc.  I didn’t even know where to start organizing it all, and now I’m almost finished.  
MS, Houston

With her superb organizational skills, Polly has been most instrumental in helping me identify what can be cleared from the past to facilitate forward motion.   
BT, Conn.

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