Changes of the Heart:

Martha Beck Life Coaches Share Strategies for Life Challenges

foreword by Martha Beck, Ph.D.




I'm so proud of Changes of the Heart.

Each of the thirteen chapters of Changes of the Heart was written by a Life Coach trained and certified by Martha Beck.  Besides being one of the wittiest and most brilliant of women (Oprah said she is "the smartest woman I know"), she is a bestselling author and, as USA Today wrote, America's Premier Life Coach. 

Dr. Beck is able to teach just as well as she can coach, and it is an honor to have been trained and certified as a Life Coach by her.

The chapters are:


  • You've Just Been Elected to the Board: Direct Your Life Like a Million Dollar Business by Jo Pillmore. How and why to become your own CEO and take charge of your goals and finances.

  • The Gift of Raising Challenging Children by Holly Berman. Authentic advice from a mother who's been there.

  • Living in Gratitude by Roma Strong Zanders. Simple techniques to bring more joy into your life by practicing gratitude.

  • Embracing Change: Align Your Personal Strengths with Your True Purpose by Ned Rios. How to harness your own strengths and the power of believing in yourself to make life's big decisions.

  • What Are You Really Hungry For? The Truth about Losing Weight and Keeping it off for Good by Erin Postle. Work with your body to become naturally thin.

  • Escape from Mini-Van Madness by Mary Ann Lowry. Bring sanity to your schedule - for you and your children.

  • From Tragedy to Transformation: Finding the Gifts in Crisis by Amy Johnson. Compassionate assistance for turning life's most difficult moments into courage and strength.

  • Ending the War at Work by Dee Carrell. A sprightly guide to effective options for better relationships at work.

  • Finally Write That Book! by Anna Paradox. Techniques to overcome the three most common hurdles that stop aspiring authors.

  • Practical Guide to Making Good Choices by Alina Bas. A step-by-step process to include all aspects of your self when making important choices.

  • A Woman's Energy Crisis and the Essential Art of Self-Love by Valerie LaPenta Steiger. A systematic approach to restoring a woman's reserves.

  • Our Brain When We Grieve: Why Loss Hurts So Much... and What We Can Do About It by Polly O'Connor. Help after loss, from personal experience and the latest brain research.

  • Motorcycle Medicine: Healing the Soul on the Road by Karen Allen. A lyrical exploration of nature and self, revealed through motorcycling.

    The book ends with a bibliography.



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After several requests to purchase my chapter, I've decided to offer

"Our Brain when We Grieve"

as a downloadable PDF.

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  • Expansion of my chapter into a full book:
    • with even more information about the brain
    • how we can use all the new research to heal and continue on our journey
    • while keeping all the memories and lessons of our loved one with us
    • Publication date should be the end of 2010. 

[if you are so inclined after you read the book, we are welcoming the posting of reviews of the book on Amazon.  I know that I always read the reviews before I make the decision to buy or not.] 


Thank you! 

I hope you enjoy reading each chapter as much as I did!


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