It was pure serendipity that brought Martha Beck into my life, and I will be externally grateful. 

This is the type of person she is:  a few months after my soul mate died suddenly and without warning, Martha responded to an email I sent via her website requesting permission to use one her quotes.  I was trying to describe to friends the depth of my grief, and I wanted to use a phrase from one of her incredibly spot-on articles in O, The Oprah Magazine. Within days, Martha herself responded with a long, warm, and compassionate email.  She didn’t know me, she is a famous person and is enormously busy, and yet, she reached out to me.

Besides being the wittiest, most fun and interesting person, she is truly brilliant.  Oprah has said that Martha is one of the most brilliant women she has met… and, when Oprah gets her own copy of her O, The Oprah Magazine, the first page she turns to is Martha’s monthly column.  Read anything Martha has written, listen to anything she says, and you’ll find wisdom and wit interspersed with esoteric gems from Tao Tzu to P. G. Wodehouse to SpongeBob SquarePants to Friedrich Nietzsche and more and more and…

A short time after that amazing email from Martha, I applied to her elite Life Coach training program. It was an honor to be accepted, it was even more of an honor and a gift to be trained personally by Martha herself.   

Her books are the very best to read because they are not just incredibly insightful, wise, and hysterically, laugh-out-loud funny (be forewarned if you read them in public!!), she writes as if she is speaking directly to you personally.  When reading her books, I have to stop myself from emailing her at each page to say:  “Yes!!!!  That’s EXACTLY what I’ve been thinking - yes, that’s me! - yes, I’ve read that same author - yes, I’ve seen that very thing in other people.”   I learned that I was not alone in believing she was writing specifically to me because, at her lectures, I’ve had so many people tell me, "Why, it's as if Martha's books were written specifically for me!!"

Martha has that innate skill of making everyone feel that they are the most special person… and that the sky is the limit with their potential.


Her advice works!  See:

     Her books

  • Finding Your Own North Star: Claiming the Life You Were Meant to Live
  • The Four Day Win: End Your Diet War and Achieve Thinner Peace
  • The Joy Diet: 10 Daily Practices for a Happier Life

     Her newest book

  • Steering by Starlight: Find Your Right Life No Matter What


     Her monthly articles in O, The Oprah Magazine (that cry out to be saved forever and shared with

     everyone).  She has also been a contributing editor of Real Simple, Redbook, and Mademoiselle.

     Her appearances on Oprah Winfrey’s television show and on programs such as Good Morning

     America as an expert of "life design."

Martha has written powerful, poignant books that are, at the same time, filled with her brilliance and her wit:

  • Expecting Adam: A True Story of Birth, Rebirth, and Everyday Magic, and
  • Leaving the Saints: How I Lost the Mormons and Found My Faith

She earned a B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in sociology from Harvard… taught social science and business at undergraduate and graduate levels at Harvard and the American Graduate School of International Management… conducted research on various aspects of social psychology and business… consulted for business and government organizations… and wrote academic articles before becoming a full-time writer and life coach.

The world is a better place because Martha Beck is in it.

Please visit for information on Martha, to learn where she will be appearing, for access to audio articles, and more.  


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